Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Charac Book

Naughty, naughty. Got tired of trying to get myself to do the procrastination project and worked instead on parts of the Character book. Shame on me! I'm not sure how much of these parts I'll actually get through, but there are some interesting highlights to the Charac Book. ^_^ Little teasers and tidbits. As it is, I've skipped a couple of sections in the Cursed Clan without realising it. I'll have to go back for those bits later. That and double check Step 1 for the fortune telling part and make sure I haven't made any errors or skipped anything. I'm pretty sure it's alright though. That part wasn't too difficult overall.

Otherwise... has anything been happening over here? Little bits of work and put in a major order for tea. Talk about incredibly sad. Went food shopping since I'm almost out of tea and what do I find? People have lots of Earl Grey (can't have it because I seem to be allergic to bergamot) and Orange Pekoe (boring!) but *very* little other. Too much in the way of green teas (I'll go to Japan and buy the stuff there if it comes to drinking Japanese teas thankyouverymuch), flavoured teas and infusions. Not enough blends and pure teas. I just wanted a nice Assam or Darjeeling but ended up having to go to the organic section to get a darjeeling tea. *sigh* At least the order's been sent in though so hopefully it'll arrive early next week. Pretty sad, I ordered 8 boxes of teas for me so hopefully that'll last 3 months... >_<

Anything else? ...I still haven't finished reading the English version yet for FB. I've read about 15 pages or so. Overall I like the feel of it so far although the "lobster face" part threw me for a loop. I don't know if I'm going to nitpick the book or not. I know a certain sister preferred the Japanese version but she'd said it was because there's a certain feel to the Japanese (rather poetic I think she'd said) that gets lost in the translation. Mind you, she'd read the whole thing while I'm still way back at the beginning... In any case, I should think about changing the feedback form for something new and maybe change / add a few more things. I wonder if I should consider adding a mailing list for updates or something? Not sure. @_@

In any case, 6 AM is more than late enough to go to bed!!! Eek!

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