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February was definitely a strange month. For some reason I had more work to do than pretty much any month I'd worked last year. ^_^;; In any case, FB is going slowly at the moment. I'm not quite sure what to make of the latter parts of the Character Book and how I have things tentatively laid out at the moment. I think it'll make for pages that are a bit too long in the end. I'll have to play with that a bit more later. As it is, I seem to be hopping all over the place and doing mini-translations that can't be ULed since they won't actually do much or make much sense.... Well okay, I suppose updating the interview wouldn't be so bad since I can just update a few questions at a time or something but... *shrug* Not yet in any case.

There's still a little over a month until the next chapter. I wonder how much stuff I'll be able to get done. Mind you, regardless of how much work I've had recently, it'll definitely die down by the end of the month regardless. Gotta love spring breakup, road bans etc. Nothing can get done while the ground is so wet so it's always quiet in the industry. I wonder if that means things'll stay quiet afterwards? No idea.

Otherwise... I wonder what I should work on? FB or GH? Or should I pick something else up? I have one more chapter for GH to finish the volume. And I've also got Vol 2 if I want to translate that one as well. Otherwise... I honestly have no idea. The Character book seems half interesting. I'd never read the interview with Takaya-sensei before so going at it bit by bit's been intriguing. Likewise the personal clothing style part never appealed to me before. Until I read that little comment about Shigure giving clothes to Tohru as a present since she dressed so plainly. He really does have a soft spot for her. ^_^

In any case, I should probably drag myself off to bed. Staying up and working on all those drawings last night killed the back. >_< Nothing like having to sit hunched over for a few (several) hours to remind you that you're not so young anymore. (Nor are you that old either though!! <-- denial??) ^_^;;

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