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Never trust people who give you food... >.<;;

The other day, FSU was cruel? kind? and gave me a croissant. Apparently, her boss had stopped by the bakery next to Callebaut's factory/cafe after some people kept telling her how they have really good croissants; the poor? lucky? woman drives by it all the time on her way to work. Sadly, I don't remember the name of the bakery, but it's been there for some time. It's one of those places that you eventually learn about locally, but I've never gone there since it's way off near the Stampede Grounds. (This coming from the girl who used to drive to Cochrane for ice cream or to Bragg Creek for pies. Good one girlie.) But, barring the car blowing up or something equally drastic, I'll be going there on Wed. to buy some vanilla croissants and who knows what other goodies. It was *so* good. Vanilla custard filled croissant... *___* (People from Europe or Quebec should ignore me, you guys *have* decent pastries readily available. Decent bagels or even croissants are hard to find here. >.<; )

This past week has been horrible for food. I can't seem to stop eating. >.<; Today was one of those extremely rare days where I set out for a heart-attack breakfast--bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Thankfully, no sausage or anything else or I'd have to start pigging the veins. >.<;; I know, this used to be a typical breakfast and may still be typical for some folks (I remember having this all the time when going skiing), but I don't normally eat like this anymore, so it's a rarity for me. I'm seriously hoping I'll get off this food-craving soon and start eating more normally again. ^^;

Otherwise, while doing some other stuff, I finally had a chance to sit down and read a little. I went through Mizuto Aqua's latest series Almighty 10. ^^;; I thought *I* liked sweets, but Ten is... wow! Just "wow"! That girl can eat cakes like no other. ^^; So far it's been quite light and fun, so we'll see how it goes. ^^; I also read the latest Shoumyou SS in The Beans. ^o^ It was lots of fun:

Mokkun (to Kouchin who's at Chigaeshi): Make sure not to wander about unthinkingly. You're still not back to your usual self.

Kouchin: *sighs* Are you aware of how many times you've said that to me now?

Mokkun: I believe that was the tenth time.

^^;; Poor Kouchin.

I still have the latest Kokumono SS in the same issue as well as the latest Shoumyou novel to read. ^^; Hopefully a little bit tonight. I'm not doing any more editing tonight as I've been drinking. No editing (or translating) under the influence. :P

Hmm... actually, I could call it an early night (especially since I didn't go to bed until shortly before 6AM...) and curl up with the novel. The only problem with that is that I might not go to sleep... -_-;;

I need more novels and "stuff" to read. I feel like I'm reading nothing but Japanese books lately. >.
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