Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Online shopping is evil...

*sigh* And I'd been so good for most of the month. Okay it's not a huge amount but still. Shame on me for shopping for things. ^_^;; It's a good thing that the doujinshi shop doesn't have anything for me... (<-- good because I can't spend. Bad because I have nothing to buy >_< )

Otherwise, I swear, it's amazing how much you forget about things as time goes by. Like how much of a royal pain having a home office can be. (The phone rings and rings and rings...). As a kid, I'd always had the impression of it being fun, being up really late trying to finish the day's work etc., but now... it's just another thing that has to be done. Sort of like uni assignments or what have you when you're 100% not into things.

Ah well. At least I get paid. (And I better get paid OT for having to do a bloody isometric at 10PM!!!) God I hate isometrics sometimes. There's nothing more silly that looking at a drawing and trying to figure out which way you're turning, in left, right, up, down, is that 30, 60, 120, 150... degrees. Which way do I make those ellipse/isocircles...? Bleah. Half the time I have an arm waving trying to tell the brain what direction to go as the body knows but the brain needs to catch up.

Otherwise, another lost day. Half to procrastination, but mostly to work. The funny thing is, having bought that silly sack of granny smith apples has got me into a major baking streak. I haven't cooked / baked this much since I took an interest into bread baking... almost a decade ago. >_<;; I'd forgotten how simple basic dessert making could be sometimes and how much nicer it is to have homemade desserts rather than overly sweet commercial goods. Granted I'm not about to make fancy pastries (cream puffs are about as far as I'll go) but I might even consider making a pie again one of these days. Poor kitchen. Must try to keep to the basics and not get into anything too difficult.

Otherwise, today's bad girl decided to finally pick up FB English Vol 1. (My sister gets to pick up Stargate SG-1 season 6 instead since Chapters can't get in FB according to their site...). I've only read about half of the French version. For some reason I got distracted and never finished reading it; I should try finishing it though. That and Vampire Game 4. Shall have to see how they go. Which reminds me, I haven't updated the page links on the site yet for the latest translation. I'll have to do that tomorrow. Hopefully I won't have too much to do late in the day (unlikely since someone's supposed to be out pretty much the whole day), so it should be pretty quick to update.

Otherwise, the highlight(?) lowlight(?) of the day would have to be receiving another "death threat." Some people really need to get a life, I swear. Part of me thinks about reporting it to their ISP since that sort of behaviour simply is not acceptable regardless, whereas another part of me just thinks "are you so stupid, utterly unthinking and irresponsible?!" Bleah. The only thing is, it can be so easy to track down a person's personal information on the internet depending on who they are and what they have out there.

Ah well. In any case, I'm starting to think about writing a Ghost Hunt fan fic. The only question is whether to even remotely try to write it in Japanese or to try and figure out good characterisations and speech styles for the various characters in English. Hard to figure out. But my trying to write anything in Japanese would be even more laughable. Then again... my writing style right now is so utterly flat it's not even funny. Marvin the robot had more life and intonation than I do right now... >_<

Anyhow, it's late, the brain's stuck in 30, 120, 270 angles and doesn't know left from right. Time to read / write something and try to regain some semblance of intelligent thought. (<-- what's that? I haven't used the brain in over 7 years...)

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