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>.< It's a bad class when 15 minutes into it, you're wondering if it would be exceedingly rude to just walk out. FSU was worried I'd walk out except she had the car keys so I had nowhere to go. Although, since it was in a mall, I guess I could have gone shopping instead. (She says that it looked like I was ready to up and leave. Oops.) ^^;

The class itself was 2 hours long and concentrated on making 3 chocolate desserts. Two low-fat ones and one more "normal". The dishes were some sort of chocolate torte or cake with caramel sauce, chocolate sorbet, and choco-banana croissant paninis. None of the dishes were overly difficult, but 15 minutes into the class and we were still listening to the woman natter on about how she lost 140? 160? lbs, or name-dropping all the different chefs from Food Network, or talking about her low-fat cookies recipe book... Wasn't I there for a chocolate class?

The only other choco class I've ever taken was the one with Bernard Callebaut >10 years ago. This was an "expensive" class (back then) at ~$75 although you got an apron and all the chocolate you made to take home (~2lbs worth). ^^; Oh, the other thing was "no heels of any sort" because all the fats from the choco made the floors there a bit treacherous. ^^; That class was a wonder at 3.5+ hours, starting from how to work with choco, tempering, cooling, forming, molding... you name it, if it had to do with making choco candies, we probably did it. And watching that guy work with chocolate and making fillings... *___*

Today was listening to a bunch of less than basic stuffs. "Who hasn't separated an egg?" "Have you ever made caramel?" "Have you ever had chocolate seize on you? Do you know what that means?" "What are stiff peaks?" "Do you have an oven thermometer? Why do you need one?" >.< The only thing she asked about making that I haven't done, is make sponge toffee although I suppose making truffles might be something many people haven't done as well.

Sadly, of the dishes made in class today, the choco cake with caramel sauce was scarcely edible for me. It was far too sweet, the caramel sauce was disgusting, and I ended up having FSU finish it for me because I thought I'd gag. The choco sorbet was edible although FSU thought it had too much coffee/espresso. The choco-banana panini... FSU's friend who was with us thought maybe some icing sugar over top would've helped it and I have to agree. As it was, it wasn't sweet enough or was too bitter from the dark choco. FSU thought maybe some cinnamon would've helped. I'm a lover of dark choco for North America, but am not so much a lover of it as the Europeans are, so 70% cocoa is going too strong for me. Straight croissant, choco, and banana just doesn't cut it for me. :/

The other thing was that in the class, there was something about not knowing what "mace" was and associating it with mace spray. I know that it's really rare to see these days in recipes although there's one recipe that I really liked that called for whole mace (I never did manage to find that ingredient). But is it so rare and unusual that a pseudo-chef would ridicule the ingredient and act like it's non-existent worthless?

*sigh* All-in-all this was a lost evening for me. I could've watched GH and finished off Kokumono's next translation. As it is, I'm going to watch GH and see how much energy I have after that. Weather's changing here tomorrow so I'm feeling pretty drained, and this class annoyed me to no end. But I learned one thing... maybe. Supposedly adding a little instant coffee to choco desserts (~1 tsp) is supposed to enhance the choco flavour without adding coffee flavour. Oh yeah. And she also found it necessary to point out that instant coffee means *instant*, not coffee grinds. >.< I'm not that mentally deficient thankyouverymuch.
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