Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Tennen no Hito... >_

Oh dear... asked about this one today and the answer I got back is

: "you know what this (points to word tennen) is right?"

Me: "Yes. Roughly it means natural. But what about in this context? I mean, what's a 'natural person' supposed to mean right?"

: "...... There are lots of phrases that don't have a (defined) meaning. Comics are really difficult."

Me: "You don't know? You've never heard it like this before?"

: (goes on to talk about various things about word usage in different places and how generation gap affects things. How old workers feel like they've been in a place for a long time because they don't understand the young workers etc.)

Me: "...... I guess it's one of those new usages that aren't defined. Mind you, there are phrases that have been popping up lately that I've never heard before when I was there. While I can guess the meanings, they weren't being used then."

I guess this is one term that I'm going to have to depend on the "current usage by youths" page I'd found for this term. At a guess it was written by a college / uni aged person (female?) about terms commonly seen in cafes. (She mentioned Doutor - a common coffee shop chain in the Kansai region).

In any case though, I'm thinking something along the lines of the "quintessentially clueless" or "the very essence of clueless" perhaps. Argh it's hard to define a term that doesn't even have a clear definition. >_<

Otherwise, I'm definitely having a tough time keeping up with the GH fanfics right now. I found a handful of sites I haven't been to before and there were a number of stories I'd not read before or hadn't read all of before. I've got to get more hours in the course of a day...

*sigh* Must work on the procrastination project tomorrow provided there's no more work for the unemployed to do. After that... there's a full month until the next chapter so that should give me a bit of catch up time and a chance to get chapter 47 done too. Should prove interesting. ^_^

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