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*sigh* I admit it, I'm weak.

>.<;; Yes, I'm weak. I couldn't help myself and I finally caved in and bought this kit. I've never worked with this yarn before, so we'll see how that goes. FSU happened to look at their site before I put in my order and found this pattern that she really liked, so we'll see how that goes for her as well.

Otherwise, I've been eyeing the Malabrigo? Manos? that we picked up about a year ago. It has lovely colours but I'm never quite sure how well I'd be able to work with yarn that has so much thick/thin to it let alone what sort of pattern to make. FSU suggested I make a cardigan with it which might be interesting. Shall see. ^^; I'm starting to feel that it's too pretty a yarn and colour not to work with. Yarns for petting is good too, but this one's slowly moving out of the petting category and more and more into the working category. :P

Ah well, both FSU and I have discovered that, for all that a yarn may be super-wash merino, it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't shrink. My night and day socks have shrunk badly now and I don't know if I can wear them anymore. >.< Thankfully, most of the rest of the sock yarns I bought from Lisa Souza are all proper sock yarns with nylon in them. Questionable maybe sock maybe scarf/shawl yarns will have to be relegated strictly to hand-wash. *sigh*

And I seriously need to start switching gears more towards spring/summer knitting concepts. While at m1, I was still hunting for wools or cashmeres and other heavy yarns. They definitely wouldn't be fun to knit as the year continues, so I'll have to think of what to work on over the warmer months... provided I can pull myself away from subbing long enough for that. ^^; Shall see.
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