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FB Ch 89

The latest chapter went up several hours (and one sleep) ago now. It took a bit longer than expected. Ouch! >_< Ahhh but the colloquial content really goes up when Manabe / Student Council shows up not to mention classmates. I'm starting to feel rather "dated" not being familiar with a number of them. (Yes I can infer some things, but sometimes it's really hard to suss out...)

The headache this time would definitely have to be "tennen no hito" what Machi called Yuki. "Tennen" as in tennensui etc., means "natural", raw / crude form, etc. (Tennensui = spring water). So "tennen no hito" = natural person right? Huh? What's that supposed to mean. "Tennen boke" is a common term meaning an utter fool / a complete natural of a fool perhaps. A complete natural of a person then? Eh? eh? eh? Perhaps utterly clueless is a bit closer then? Trying to find the meaning for this, there were two major meanings. So utterly out of things that they're untouchably strong. And something claiming that in old times that it was a person who lies. Ermmm... I might have to ask about this one then and see if there's some meaning that I'm not finding on the net or in the dictionaries.

Otherwise, *someone* wants to go to Vancouver in March. Not sure about it. I really should try job hunting and getting myself back into things properly although I had work to do again yesterday... >_< Still shall see. I'm not in a spending mood right now, although I wouldn't mind going to Japan again. (AGAIN!?!)

And on the 'net side of things, the GH fan fic folks are really writing up a storm. I can't keep up! >_< A new site I've discovered Inauts has posted up to Ch 12 of an investigative story that's quite interesting. Unforuntately 12 chapters in and we're still getting into things.... >_< This could be quite a long story.... The problem is, I don't know if it's me or what but the person's writing is a bit... odd. I'll have to look up their bio if it's listed on the page. Some words that shouldn't be in kanji yet are... You can figure out the meaning from sounds but, it seems strange that someone would consistently put it into kanji? They're that sloppy? I'm not saying some people aren't sloppy in writing (obviously there are people who don't proofread carefully etc., and if you post as you write without double checking of course weird things crop in but...). Anyhow, I'll have to take a look at that later.

And the slap to the head of the day yesterday... JUST HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO LOOK UP THE KANJI FOR FUKUZATSU!?! I swear, I must have run across that kanji 3 times in 15 minutes, and each time I had no clue what it was and had to look it up. >_< Once okay, twice, well... but three times!? In 15 minutes!?! Boke!

Oh and one last note on FB, it seems that Takaya-sensei's been having back problems lately? I don't often read the "otayori kudasai" in the HtY but for some reason it caught my attention. Maybe I should take a look at that more often / read the previous issues ones. It might be a bit more telling about things. In any case, now that I'm up and at again (It's past one you idiot!!) time to get at things again. ^_^

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