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Shadow [userpic]

GH Fanfics...

February 2nd, 2007 (09:20 pm)

>.< It's been a while since I last looked at sites for these... Eep! There are some really good sites out there, but as I was noticing last time I went on the prowl for these, while some sites do start investigative long stories, the majority don't finish them. ;_; A shame because some of them are really interesting and you sort of want to know how things'll turn out. :P

And my personal faves:


http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~funa-ya/ <-- some fan art which is really cute. ^o^ A shame most of the usa-Naru images are no longer available. ^^;;

I still haven't sorted through the new sites that I've discovered since my last trip through fanfic's/fanart. ^^;

Oh yeah, all the fanfics are in Japanese. Sorry. ^^;