Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Procrastination is bad...

Hmm... a bit hard to believe but it's been 10 days since the last update!! >_< That's what I get for procrastinating on that other project... If only I can get that done, then I can get back to working on this site. Of course, it's been a weird week overall and what the heck do you *mean* I have work!?!? I'm unemployed right?!? I could've sworn I'm supposed to be unemployed right now (okay, so I'm not collecting EI, but I'm not supposed to have a job and am supposedly taking it easy...). And this explains why I spent much of the week putting together the old work computer and working on stuff. >_< The good thing is I've got a desk again. The bad thing is I hate the mouse and typing chair I'm using. Stupid mouse. Where's my old work mouse? (<-- probably in storage somewhere along with the speakers' adapter... ^_^;; )

In any case though, chapter 89's been released in Japan and Hakusensha's site shows that there's no FB in the next HtY so Ch 90 will probably be late March. It sounds like this chapter has a number of small scenes in it and Shishou does show up at the festival (although he didn't actually see the play...). I wonder how Kyo reacted to Shishou's comment that Hana-chan was cute/pretty. Considering he know's Hana-chan's feelings, he could be pretty panicked... ^_^;; Ahahaha the idea of those being family... ^^;; But there was no comment about Megumi in the summary. >_< I was really hoping we'd see Megumi meet the other 12shi. It would be really funny especially seeing how Hiro and others at least got to see him. ^^;

In any case. I think over a week of procrastinating is a bit excessive. (Although I've been having great fun reading GH fan fics...). Shall see what I can do about getting things done. While I'm at it, maybe I should go out to the storage one day and see about digging out the speaker adapter and mouse too... ^_^;;

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