Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

GH scene--novel version

And for those who might be curious, and since it's *really* cute in the novels, here's the end Naru x Mai scene from the Ryokuryou story.

M: --No fair!

N: ...Huh?
Naru looked surprised.

M: I... was thinkig about apologising! So you saying it first is definitely not fair!!

N: You know......

M: You're always like that; you always take the best parts! It's no fair!

N: Hey

M: But it's not fair.

Naru had a look of mild disbelief on his face. His pale hand stretched out and he hit me lightly on the forehead. Then, laughing slightly, he left towards the office. With very warm feelings, I listened to his faint cat-like steps.

Tags: gh, snippet

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