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Shadow [userpic]

Just about got it...

September 14th, 2003 (12:40 pm)

Just about have things set up except for translating those menu lists. Most of this script makes sense, although the Guestbook side needs a lot more work. Something about all the comments and destructions being in Japanese. That's something I really should've looked for in English, but since it was all on that one site... likewise for link listings... I'm starting to think about adding that as well, but have no idea where to find a script. Merrow has one on RF's site but I haven't looked at it a huge amount so I'm not sure what it requires. I know CCNavi on the other hand will do what I want... in Japanese that is... More headaches...

Likewise, I still haven't changed the holidays in the calendar which is a bit strange. I'll have to take a crack at that too... Ah dear. Still a long way to go I guess... >_