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>.<;; The title says it all. Stupid, stupid computer. I'll be good though, I won't throw it out the living room window (it's cold out there, I believe) and I won't drink anything stronger than tea (I don't drink and type... too often). :P

My computer hasn't been this nasty since the ghosts of GH file 2 kept crashing my system. >.< I hope it's nothing serious. It's bloody annoying though. As it is, I'm trying out using a *mouse* on my computer now. I had to scrounge around and steal it from another system (I'll buy one for me tomorrow) but it's now attached, so hopefully it'll alleviate the situation. Unfortunately, I don't *know* what's causing the system to crash. *sigh* Stupid, stupid computer.

We now return you to your regular programming. ^^;
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