Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

GH Ch 3 - ST3

Wow! I'm surprised at how quickly this chapter came together. I kind of like this style for doing scans/trans. Shall see if I stick to this or go with something different again. In any case though, this chapter did come together really easily. I'd expected to have to spend days and days on it (okay getting all the scans onto my computer took a couple of days but the translation was much quicker than scanning). I'd almost used another scanlation style on this chapter but for some reason decided at the last moment to go with a scan & trans style instead. Hopefully it works for folks.

Beyond that, I guess next will be to do more scans (maybe Thursday, I never have use of my computer on Thursdays anyways.) There's only one chapter left to this volume before I have to figure out where I put the extra vol 2. Poor GH if there's one weakness to this series, it's the way the first story unfolds. Once we're into the second story everything's fine. The first is really for introducing the characters IMO.

Anyhow, it's really late today/tomorrow, so I guess I'll leave things here and debate what to do next. Go for the pending FB chapter maybe? Shall see. In any case, this kitty's for bed... Zzzz

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