Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Tsubasa Ch 3 edit

Yay! Ch 3 is finally done for Tsubasa! Wai! ^_^ Hopefully everything's finished. The edit for this chapter was done in bits and pieces as I was often being interrupted and later had problems concentrating on it, so I'll probably have to read through it again in another day or so just to be sure. Ahhhh but it's a long chapter! >_< Thankfully it's done and over with though. While a couple of chapters in Vol 2 are a bit longer (around 40ish pages) it's not painfully long like Vol 1 was. That and one of the chapters I think was actually a touch short? Could be my memory playing tricks on me since the volume is still a touch long.

Otherwise, a couple of days ago, I decided to try and see if there were any Ghost Hunt doujinshi that I could pick up and good grief is that a hard series to find used!!! It's not fair! I can find plenty of other titles' doujinshi but *very* little Ghost Hunt. Of all the used doujinshi shops I checked only 2 or 3 carry (one book) and none ship overseas. So being a bright little beaver, I decided to try e-bay Japan... it doesn't exist. Apparently it died a couple of years ago being unable to compete with Yahoo Auctions Japan. Okay... try Yahoo Auctions. Wai! Lots of stuff! And then.... AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! No one ships overseas!!! T_T Not a single one of them! Some folks out there are even selling 3rd or 4th generation Nakaniwa Doumei (Ono Fuyumi's own doujinshi works) including some short stories (I've heard the original goes for something like Y100000 at auction. Ouch!) And then I discovered that first edition Ghost Hunt novels (pink spined) as a full set (8 books) goes for Y25000 on auction. I want them.... *_*

And then, and then!!! Someone out there has Akuryou nanka Kowakunai. This book I *think* isn't part of the actual Akuryou series in that it has different characters? Something like that, but is also the first one to have gone out of print and so goes for Y3500 at auction. Not bad for a Y440 book... So many things out there. CD Drama disks non-first edition novels as a set and not... I get the feeling that the books are all out of print maybe? I'd have to look into it, but this isn't fair! No one ships overseas!!!

Maybe I should move over there for a year or so and be able to shop to my heart's content, buy copies of copies of Ono Fuyumi's original doujinshi, get my hands on some of these out of print novels, and be one very happy camper... Oh yeah, and also go out to Comiket or one of the other markets and buy lots and lots of doujinshi.... and while I'm at it, why don't I pray to win the lotto or something. >_<

Otherwise, I think I'll try a trans and scan for GH next. I have a vague idea for a variant on ST2 that might be interesting. I'll have to see if I can do it properly for an 800 wide screen setting but am not sure how things would print out if people wanted to try to do that. Might be a bit hard... Shall see. Besides the next chapter for GH is only 40ish pages. Not too bad. ^_^

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