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Okay... I'm guessing we're going through a "phase" again. One of those anything and everything will go wrong things. I'm assuming it'll be in threes again as usual, which makes me wonder, what's lying ahead still?

As has been the case, the furnace is still not a happy camper, so I spent the night sleeping with my lappy while it compiled ep 26. >.< I've booted lappy back downstairs, 'puters don't make good roommates. However, I now have the wonderful task of trying to figure out what's wrong with the work modem. It wouldn't initialise this morning, and it's just not anything-ing. *grumble* I really don't want to go crawling into that computer...

On the plus side, I dreamt of kitty last night. ^o^ I haven't dreamt of him for so long now, and he was being his usual cute and silly self. He was also much smaller than I remember overall which would put him back to when he was quite a bit younger. I guess I still miss the silly guy. ^^;

And that was a rather whingy post. I think I'll hide and fight with the modem... >.
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