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Wanted: secondary brain. >.<;;

I've already spoken to Ginny, but apparently she doesn't have any brain to spare at the moment, so I thought I'd put in the request here. ^^; I'm *blanking* this evening even though I'm only half-way through an episode and have further tweaking to do on another. (The 'puter's going through its semi-weekly virus scan so the fingers can tap without the brain). :P I seem to want to stare at the walls or curl up into a small ball and zzzz. I should've been born a cat. :P

As it is... I think I really want to start working on Rikugou's list of lost scenes. Poor guy, he's really lost so many! But there are other intervening scenes that were lost as well, so I believe I'll start at ep... 6.

Masahiro(M) and Mokkun(G) chase after Kurumanosuke...
M "Wait!"

G "No, given these circumstances I doubt it'd wait."

M "Quit making smart remarks! Don't you have any good ideas?"

G "Don't depend on other people. Granted it's only in name but you're an onmyouji; in training, but an onmyouji; semi-competent but an onmyouji; undependable but an onmyouji; umm... and... uhh"

M "Oh, shut up! For starters, just who's a person Mokkun who's a mononoke"

G "Don't call me a mononoke, Se-"

M "Don't call me Seimei's grandson! Hey, I said wait, so wait!!"


M "Wait, you!"

M "I-it's fast...!"

G "Well it is a carriage"

M "That's not the issue"

G "Carriages are fast. After all, they have wheels, and run as though they're sliding. While they shake quite badly and are exceptionally uncomfortable to ride in, not having to use your own legs and walk is wonderful.

M "I'm afraid I've never ridden in an ox-drawn carriage."

G "That's pathetic. Seimei rides in one every time he goes to the palace. You should ride with him next time."

M "Who knows what people'd say if someone as lowly as me went to the palace in a carriage."

G "Some great idiot nobles ride about in carriages even when they don't need to."

M "That's them, I'm me."

Out of breath, but panting out his retort, Masahiro suddenly realised that they'd gotten off topic and closed his mouth.

*snip minor naarative and Masahiro remembers that there's a spell to stop someone from being able to move...*

M "No one knows the road ahead. Stop those legs, abiraunken!"

G "Ah, that's right, there was that, wasn't there? Masahiro, why didn't you use it sooner?"

M "You too, why didn't you mention it sooner?"

G "Well, naturally, I figured you knew it, and that I didn't need to actually point it out to you."

M "Well, you could've just said that in the first place. I was waiting for you to mention it."

G "...Shall we drop it?"

M "...Yeah."


the raining of the zakki

"--Ah, there he is, the Grandson!"

A voice came from out of nowhere.
Masahiro looking up in response while, at the same time, the mononoke hastily moved away from that place.


Countless strange creatures fell from the sky crushing Masahiro beneath them. The mononoke landed a little ways away, and looked at Masahiro pityingly at being flattened underneath.

"...The poor guy."

From beneath the mound of minor demons, a low voice snarled, " ran again didn't you, Mokkun...!"

"Forgive me. I believe in protecting myself, and my body automatically reacted."

"I don't care!"

Masahiro hauled himself back on his feet from amidst the minor demons. Before, he couldn't get back to his feet when he was crushed underneath, but apparently he'd grown a little.


Masahiro wakes up after dreaming of being abandoned at Kifune

"...What... A dream..."

He heaved a sigh in relief and then grimaced.

It was difficult to breathe. There was a weight on his chest making it difficult to breathe.

What is it, it's not like I'm sick or have had a spell cast on me...

Masahiro, using his elbows and stomach muscles, started to get raise himself when he suddenly stopped.


A white something was laying over top the large uchigi over his chest.

Masahiro paused for a full three breaths, before his gaze sharpened.



A white mononoke the size of a large cat was sprawled over top Masahiro sound asleep.


Masahiro wordlesly brought down his fist on the blissfully sleeping mononoke.


"Honestly, interfering with a person's sleep," Masahiro complained as he ate his breakfast.

His mornings were early so typically he ate rice porridge. However, since he would be going to work and it would be some time before lunch, his mother always made sure to prepare some proper dishes. Today was the grilled sardines the minor demons had recommended the night before.

Beside him, the mononoke who'd apparently been hit many times was moaning holding his head with both forepaws.

The working nobility's mornings were very early. Even in the summer, they typically left their residences before dawn. And in exchange, their days ended very early and some could even leave the Daidairi before noon. However, when times were busy, staying at their desks all day long was quite common.

***skip explanation about Masahiro wandering the streets and the run in with Kurumanosuke***

"...Masahiro, what happened to Touda-dono?"

Yoshimasa, who leaves the residence a little after Masahiro, appeared in the room.

The one to answer wasn't Masahiro, but the mononoke.

"Listen to this Yoshimasa~! Your youngest son's really mean, and suddenly started hitting me on the head while I was sleeping away peacefully!" the mononoke accused while holding his head and spilling tears from his large round eyes.

Masahiro bared his teeth at the mononoke and shot back, "Look who's talking seeing how you were sprawled over top of me, gave me a rough time, and even ended up giving me bad dreams too!"

"Mean, that's so mean, I was fast asleep so I couldn't help it! You're so heartless and mean! You really hit me hard!"

"For all that you're a mononoke, how dare you be sound asleep!"

"Don't call me a mononoke-"
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