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Shoumyou ep 4 torrent

And ep 4 is now available on torrent! ^o^

As always, many thanks to those helping seed this release! Your help is most appreciated!

Ginny, I think I'm going to send you the notes I have as they are right now (for the shinshou) and you can join me in confusion. :P We're talking about things from a millenium or so ago so it's rather confusing. ^^;

Oh! And while I remember!

I wanted to explain a certain number that shows up in this episode. Specifically 1 ri. IIRC, this term was either defined in notes or translated in dialogue in Kokumono as ~4km. However, that's not the number that's showing up in this ep because the term "ri" is being used to define an area rather than linear measurement (which drove me batty until I looked further into the term). Simply put, there are two definitions for the term, one linear and one area; both are related (linear is the most common so I didn't look at the area term when looking it up for Kokumono). Worse still, measurements have changed over the years though the terms did not. >.<

1) 1 ri = 3.9273km = 36 chou. In the past 300 steps or the current 6 chou.

3) In ancient times, 6 chou-4-sided (ie 6 chou x 6 chou) = 36 choubu

1 chou ~109m

So 1 ri~0.428km^2
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