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Argh! Still extremely slow at things currently, but hopefully the brain and body will start moving more quickly soon. A little something some folks might be interested in:

Saiunkoku Monogatari CD Soundtrack 2 - Jan 12/07
Saiunkoku Monogatari CD Drama 2 - Feb 23/07
Saiunkoku Monogatari CD Drama 3 - Mar 9/07

Unfortunately, no signs of any new books yet for either Kokumono or Shoumyou. And reading little excerpts here and there from Kokumono novel 4 as I worked through ep 25 reminded me once again that I really do like the novels. But it also reminded me of how much we lose going from a novel to anime and how some lines are trimmed down to the point that little of the original feel remains. >.<

I finally watched ep 31 the other night for Kokumono and did a mini-fest of eps 26-31 to remind myself of the story and what's coming up. I really must start posting about Kokumono and also about Shoumyou more. Maybe also about GH? There are various little things that are different, some aren't important and give a different twist to things in the anime, others bring up weird questions. (My current confusion is what happened to chibi-Ensei? Did the Satsujinzoku end up taking him along? If so, when did he learn how to fight like he did? Or... did Chougai (previous leader) do as in the novels and abandon Ensei in the woods? -- questions are all for the anime, the novels explain all this.)

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to scribbling up some more on Shoumyou and Rikugou (apparently there's a "u" on the end of that). I really like Guren/Mokkun, but Rikugou is fun too. ^o^ He needs to reclaim some of his lines and scenes. :P
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