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*sigh* For some reason, I often forget how fiddly subbing can be to get the first edit out. Some time this afternoon, I'd pretty much finished getting things done on the compile side and thought I'd get around to tweaking Shoumyou 5 today after tweaking Kokumono 25. Hah! I think it's maybe ready to go out to Ginny for first edit, but I haven't even gotten come close to looking at Shoumyou 5 yet. And in the meantime, Shoumyou 4 is re-compiling and will go through a check... probably tomorrow morning at the current rate. I'll probably set Kokumono 25 to compile as soon as Shoumyou is done which means I can't work on anything else tonight. >.<

Will I get to Shoumyou 5 tomorrow? Hopefully. And once that's out of my hair... um, yeah right. I just spent all night tweaking Kokumono 25. What makes me think I'm going to finish translating Shoumyou 5 and getting it fully tweaked tomorrow?! But if it were to get done, I'd be on to GH 8. ^___^ Oh wait. Is that the episode where they go into PK-ST, -LT, and... -MT? Ack. I don't think they ever explained those letters... I could be wrong. I see I'll be doing some info hunting again soon. Eep.

Well, 'puter's busy so I guess I'll call it a night and listen to a Shoumyou CD Drama. ;_; Which reminds me, I haven't listened to the last Kokumono Bangaihen drama CD and according to the FSU, there's supposed to be a third drama CD coming out in the new year. >.<

But first, I thought I'd translate the very start to the first novel which is the part of the story prior to Masahiro and Mokkun running away from that giant skull in the anime. ^^;


With that muttered comment, the sound of someone shifting in the darkness could be heard in response.

"It can't be helped. I'm moved as far over as I can, so don't complain."

"I'm bigger than you are, so it's a lot tighter for me. Move over a little more."

"I told you, I can't any more."

While they were whispering, their conversation was getting more heated. A giant sigh could be heard in the darkness.

"Honestly, there must be something else we could've done, isn't there? Why was an idea this mundane, not to mention something that takes such a ve~ry long time, and has little chance of success the only thing you could come up with?"

"Do you have a better idea then, Mokkun?"

The voice had obviously taken offense at the comment and was clearly unhappy, but the other voice immediately shot back, "It's your job to come up with the ideas. What're you doing depending on others?"


The one called "Mokkun" continued to press the one who'd fallen silent. "Jeez, nothing again tonight? At this rate, we'll be going back to the residence dejectedly in the morning, right? It's been four days now since we started this stake out. I'd like to take it easy at home soon. After all, night times are for sleeping, y'know?"

After a moment's silence, a disgruntled voice that had surpassed the 80% disatisfaction mark answered, "...In that case, don't bother staying here and go home already! For one thing, the likes of Mokkun the Mononoke... don't say such things as taking it easy and resting, or night times are for sleeping."

"Huh, are you sure you should be saying something like that? If I weren't here, I'd be worried sick. After all, you're only semi-competent. Aa~h, that cute little Masahiro's no more. *sob*"

"...I met you for the first time a few months ago and was already 13 at the time, so just where does "cute little" come from?"

Regardless of how one might strain, that space was pitch-black, but the aura of someone laughing could be sensed faintly.

"Ah, you caught me."

***monster approaches***

"......It's here."

That one aaparently wouldn't show if there were any signs of someone being present. After having waited three days with no results, tonight, they tried hiding themselves. It seems that idea was right.

Now then, the question was what to do next. Perhaps, in order to take care of things once and for all, it would be best to wait as long as possible and let it draw near before jumping out.

A tense voice whispered in Masahiro's ear.

"Don't screw up, Seimei's grandson."


The sound of something snapping somewhere in his head could be heard. In response, Masahiro yelled, "Don't call me 'grandson'!"

A loud crash could be heard over his voice. The instant he unthinkingly stood up, the lid to the box he'd been hiding in ended up flying off.

The world suddenly opened up.

It was well past the middle of the night. And they were in a run-down home that looked like it was about to collapse any moment. Moonlight came streaming in from a hole in the roof. In the midst of the light and feeling freed from the dark, tight space of the box, Masahiro glared down at his feet.

"I've told you a number of times, don't call me 'grandson'! Do you get it, Mokkun the Mononoke?!"

"You too, don't call me Mokkun."

The four-legged living creature at Masahiro's feet narrowed its eyes haughtily.

It had a body like that of a large cat. However, it was no cat or dog. Likewise it was unlike any other animal. No doubt, no one's ever seen such a living creature before. It had a red pattern on its forehead akin to a flower. Its ears were long and flowed back, and around its neck was a ring of protrusions almost like it was wearing a necklace of magatamas. The eyes were round and clear sunset in colour.

And while it was cute in appearance, it was beyond a shadow of a doubt, a monster. Bakemono, ayakashi, igyou, youkai, keshou no mono, mononoke. While there are many different names to call it, Masahiro had nicknamed it Mokkun the Mononoke. However, said mononoke apparently didn't care for that name. For one thing, a mononoke is the ghost of a person who died that had a grudge or regret, and was completely different from the igyou or ayakashi that it was--or at least that's how Mokkun explained it.

To which Masahiro would comment, "It doesn't matter, it's not that different," and wouldn't pay attention, and so the mononoke unwillingly ended up getting called "Mokkun".

Waving its long white tail once, the mononoke that had been staring at Masahiro, shifted its gaze to the side and took on a brazen expression.


"What, already."

"In front of you."


Half taking on a fighting attitude, Masahiro shifted his gaze and his breath caught in his throat.

Right before his very eyes was a giant skull.

While he'd completely and utterly forgotten, this was his original target. The giant skull open its huge jaw before an immobile Masahiro.

I think I'll leave it there. It's getting late now. ^^;
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