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The things you find when you're not looking...?!

So, after a quick check with Ginny, I figured I should try to find a certain CD that I have no idea where I left last. It could be with my CD player, it could be somewhere near my 'puter. Either one is decidedly scary and potential avalanche territory. >.< But, while poking around near my system, I suddenly found my cell phone which has been MIA since the summer. ^^; As it is, I've pretty much decided to buy a new one tonight and am likely to go out shopping with the FSU to go hunt for a (probably the new Motorola) phone. We'll see. I guess it'll also depend on how her day goes and how she's feeling tonight. ^^; I guess it's just as well I had Pikachu on my cellphone since it was his yellow body that said, "Help! I'm buried here!" Maybe I should have left him buried? ^^;

Otherwise, apparently I'm signed up for a chocolate making class at Williams-Sonoma in February. It's been a long time since I've done any sort of baking/cooking class. The last one might have been chocolate making with Bernard Callebaut?! Maybe? Yikes! That was a long time ago! This time will be chocolate desserts rather than chocolate bonbons, so it'll be quite different. ^_^

Maybe I'll see if FSU still has the CD in question on her 'puter. I think she transferred it to MD for me eons ago so it might be possible. I can always hope so... >.
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