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Shadow [userpic]

LOTR - Return of the King

February 2nd, 2004 (01:18 pm)

Went and saw the movie again today with my sister and her friend. Lots of fun although I did feel the length a bit more this time. (Knees, where are my knees...) >_< Friday, I didn't really feel the length (3.5 hours IIRC). All in all a fun movie although I think overall I liked the second movie the most of the trilogy. Even so, it was still lots of fun. I wonder if maybe we'll try to see it on the IMAX screen later... ^_^;;

I'm looking forward to when the Director's Cut comes out though since there will undoubtedly be a bit more background that got snipped for length.

Otherwise, started a touch on GH scan cleanups. The changes in scan settings have eliminated a lot of the cleanup needs but some things are still the same. Shall see if I can't do a bit more work on it later this week. However, before that will have to be work on Tsubasa Ch 3 edit. *Looked* at it, but I don't think I'll be getting very far today. My brain isn't taking in much and it took a pretty long time to look up two words that I wasn't familiar with. Gack. I really hate hand writing sometimes, it can be hard to decipher. At least those two were "de-crypted". ^_~

Anyhow, shall see about getting more of Tsubasa done. Promised it for the end of this week, and it should be possible. Since FB comes out on the 5th... oh dear. Folks will be able to get street copies (in Japan) starting Monday if extremely lucky otherwise most likely starting Tuesday which means Monday evening onwards for J postings. Shall have to watch for any notices. Otherwise, scans this time will probably be early mid next week at a guess. This week looks too wishful. Probably just as well in case Tsubasa edit decides to be a pain. ^_^;;