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Shadow [userpic]

Tsubasa Ch 3...

January 30th, 2004 (01:17 pm)

Hmm... can I really call that thing a draft yet? I don't think so. There are too many holes here and there. Even so, thanks to standard system maintenance, I ended up getting a lot more than expected done today. Strange considering system maintenance (speed disk) means that I lose my computer for most of the evening...

But thanks to it, GH's next chapter has now been scanned, and the long journey to getting the scans from the scanning computer to mine (without being networked) is a very sloooooow process. But thanks to it, I ended up finishing off the Tsubasa chapter rather than leaving 12 more pages for tomorrow. ^_^;; But again, just as well. I think we're going to try to see Return of the King tomorrow at the Imax and again on the regular screen on Sunday. That should be lots of fun! ^_^

I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie although I'm not sure how well I'll take to sitting still for 3 hours... Ah the joys of long movies.

Otherwise, this time with the GH scans, I tried a different setting on the scanner. The scans seemed to be much cleaner (not that I can really see since there's no real graphics program on that computer...) but were also much larger overall. 1.5 MB per page?!? That's huge! Good thing the chapter's only 40 pages and that I decided against scanning the last chapter at the same time. I can just imagine if I decided to scan the whole thing. Mind you, at that point, I'd probably do my darndest to find some way to network with that computer too considering.

Anyhow, next up will probably to take a day or two off from Tsubasa, see Return of the King on the weekend, and probably see about doing some serious job hunting / applying now that I seem to be slowly getting over whatever weird reaction I was having last week. Next up... ?? GH or FB? GH or FB. *That* is the question....