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Shadow [userpic]

Ghost Hunt ep 5 torrent

December 9th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

And GH ep 5 is now up on torrent! ^o^ Many, many thanks and much tea to Ginny for taking over for the rest of File 2 when Ysa got called away earlier and more suddenly than expected. (And even more thanks for allowing the theft of an icon that she created. ^o^ Guren will be spending weekends at your place for Broken Boys.) ^^;


Odd how I always remember the link in here. ^^; And a most heartfelt thank you to those who are helping seed. This wouldn't be possible without you! ^___^

Hope y'all enjoy the episode!

[Edit: I think things are starting to look reasonably safe to start pulling out of the swarm now. We're almost at 100 seeders for the ep. Thanks so much for all your help! ^o^ ]


Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: December 16th, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC)

Ghost Hunt is great fun. ^o^ It's been a favourite title of mine since early-on with the manga. (I didn't get into the novel scene until after I started reading the manga).

Baking... isn't coming along very well at the moment which is just plain *bad*. >.< I need to get moving on that before the milks and creams go. Otherwise, I have one project on high priority on the needles, but not as a gift. It started on a horrible <-20C day and so I'm currently working on finishing off a cashmere scarf for myself. ^^; Once that's done, it'll be back to the slip-stitch socks which are now for the female sibling. We've discovered that the socks might be a little tight in the leg for me. >.<

I did buy myself a little present although I don't know if I'd ever consider making it. I picked up the Wedding Ring Shawl pattern from Heirloom Knitting. The patterns from them are *so* pretty, but also really scary in some ways. I still need to make my Fire and Ice Shawl from them. Basically I'm planning on using a red yarn rather than white. :P How're your projects going? Have you finished off your Christmas knitting? ......Maybe by now, you will have. ^^;

Posted by: lu-chan (mrs_urahara)
Posted at: December 19th, 2006 12:40 pm (UTC)
too busy readin jump

wow. that wedding shawl is perfectly stunning. I have never done a shawl....12pages of instructions??? holy crap. You are a far more advanced knitter than I. YOu are an inspiration. You have to put pics up of your work. I would love to see it.

actaully, i have never done a lacea type pattern. I should give it a go. I just finished making a couple of teddy bears for some baby christmas gifts. They are alot smaller than i had hoped. But, soo cute! (will put the picks up).

THe one thing i have not done now, is shawl and pattern work (like fairisle or a complicated floral pattern or something). i should challenge myself with that.

I think the red yarn will look great! the good thing is, for me, i acutally have a nice stash of yarn to work with,from my trip to scotland. It's just find creative prohjects for myself. (i am soo used to knitting for everyone else. heehee)

i have finished my christmas gifts. ANd, have actually decided to do more of the bears and add them as "ornaments" tied to my sisters, mum, niec and nephew gift bag. I thought, i would stitch in the year, and, perhaps, make it a tradition? giving a different colour each year.

dunno yet. DOn't want to dig my own grave either. heh-heh.

ghost hunt: LUV IT!! you truly are just beyond amazing Shadow. I am so glad to have made your acquaintance!

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