Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Tsubasa Ch 3 1-18

Well, okay no snow today. Just really, really cold. Coldest day of the year so far here if I'm not mistaken. Thankfully I'm hibernating at the moment...

Another semi-update for the site. Started working on Tsubasa Ch 3 and as expected it's going quite slowly. I keep flipping to see how many pages I have left only to discover I've finished about 2-3 pages... It's really slow. That plus there are a number of words / phrases that I'll have to go back for and figure out how to word properly. >_<

Now I know why I tend to give myself a month or so to work on Tsubasa. It's slow going (twice as long to do half as much FB by comparison I believe...) and so I need to space it out with things like FB or GH. In truth, I'd been hoping to finish 10 more pages but figured that wouldn't be realistic concerning how much text there is and wanted 5 more pages but... Five more pages is a better cut point overall, but it's a bit too much for today. Tomorrow will be strange though. I don't think there's any chance I can finish the chapter so I'll have to find a good place to cut it again. ... Does this mean I'm aiming for 2 more days for a draft? That's a bit tight; 3-4 days should be doable to draft form though.

I also started scribbling out the author's note for Ch 4 which hopefully I can get finalised in the next day or so. I think there were a handful of places that I needed to double check or decipher (gotta love hand-writing...) Doesn't make for much of a break though. Maybe I'll scan a little tomorrow. Either that or...?? I've no idea what else to try... ^_^;;

On a complete aside, I believe we're supposed to try to go see Return of the King if it's still playing at the theatres this weekend. (I do hope it won't be so cold...) Hopefully it is still playing and the crowds should be pretty much over so it should be good. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie. While possible, I don't think I want to do a Lord of the Rings fest before going to see the movie though. I tend to *watch* that movie (in the dark at that) so I wouldn't be able to get any real work done. That plus staying still for over six hours of movie... >_< Tried it a couple of times and it was decidedly painful. Besides, there's no popcorn in the house. :P

Anyhow, I think I'll try typing out another page or two and keeping nibbling away at Tsubasa Ch 3... ^_^

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