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Shadow [userpic]

Where to next...

January 27th, 2004 (01:16 pm)

Too many little houses over there, I think I can make a small village or something... ^_^;; Mind you, many of those were small semi-updates.

In any case, rather than starting on FB 47, it looks like I'm backtracking a touch for Tsubasa Ch 3. This could take a while. It's another one of those mega-chapters over 50 pages long. Still it's a fun and cute chapter so I have no real complaints. I'm looking forward to when we get into the end of Vol 2 and into Vol 3. That's when things get fun and start really getting into the main story.

Otherwise, I wonder if I'll be able to do some more scans for GH. Getting the scanner shouldn't be a problem. Just sitting there with the manga and scanning the pages.... ^_^;; Not something I particularly enjoy. Ah well. Shall see. Not to mention it sort of depends on how the rest of this week goes as well. Suddenly it seems like there's plenty of things on my plate again whereas I could've sworn I was grasping at straws yesterday... Ah well. Makes life much more interesting. ^_^;;

Otherwise, I've been really bad lately, looking at flight prices to Japan. For shame! I went there last year! But, but, but prices are so *low* right now... >_< Unemployment sucks when it comes to doing anything major unless you deliberately make allowances for them. Unfortunately, other things take precedence for now so travel takes a backburner. *sigh* I can wish and dream... anything to escape the current deep freeze we're experiencing...