Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

FB Ch 87 draft

Hmm... is it me or is my blog and the site update dates off by a day...

Anyhow, Ch 87 draft is now up. I was surprised folks managed to get scans up so quickly. I really did expect a couple more days leeway. Ah well. Joys of airmail. ^_^;;

Otherwise, not the best of drafts. A number of the side comments could only half be made out using Pareathe's scans so they had to be left out of the translation for the time being. I'll try taking a look again tomorrow when my eyes are rested but am not sure it'll be much better. As near as I could tell, nothing major was being said in the asides except for when they were talking about Full Throttle and Japanese version of Charlie's Angels. One of the comments dealt with the bath scene... Annoying though, since it's usually the last character or two that I can't make out so it may not even be important to the comment...

Beyond that... a cute episode overall although Kyo and Yuki's fight scene was intriguing. I want to *see* that scene in hardcopy rather than scanned. I'm not getting the full picture but I get the feeling that Kyo may have had a similar talk with Kyoko as a child about haves and have nots. Kyo's not taking having his world challenged like that very well... not that most people do. The last scene between Kyo and Tohru... ^_^;; It's sweet.

And on a completely different note, it took a night but I figured out the song that was driving me up the wall last night. One of the songs in Rurouni Kenshin OAV I believe. I could barely even remember the song and was getting HikaGo's match theme coming to mind more readily this morning and sure enough, the theme I was looking for was on the MD I was listening to when I fell asleep. At least that mystery's been solved. Anyhow, tomorrow shall be double check the translation along with Tsubasa Ch 6 edit methinks.

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