Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Char Bk - Sohma Ritsu

A touch early but uploaded. I think I'm calling it a day early today. Ritsu's finally been finished now. Yay!

I was looking through the translation pages and noticed that a lot of the chapters are still in draft form. I guess I should sit down and actually finalise their translations. ^_^;; Mind you... I don't think we actually picked up vol 13 yet so that makes things a little more difficult. I hate having to drag out all the HtY manga books since they take up a lot of space. Not to mention some manga-ka do some fixes between manga release and tankoubon release so I really should only do those that are in tankou form.

Otherwise, I just hate it when a song goes through my head and I have no idea where the song comes from. This one song often floats through my brain and it takes so much time to figure out where it comes from! Last time, I think it took a week before I figured it out, and once again, the same song goes through the brain and once again, I have no idea where it's from (anime? live action??) and have to re-figure it out again. You'd think I'd remember since I've gone through this headache twice now. *_* I just really like the driving martial beat to the song but... WHERE IS IT FROM?!? I could just go insane one of these day trying to remember...

Anyhow, I think I'll stare at the DVD collection and try to figure out where it's from. Either that or start pulling all the music CDs and start hunting. >_<

Since no scans have been posted yet (well maybe someone will have it but hasn't had a chance to scan yet, but I assume it'll be next week before any translating can be done for Ch 87) methinks this weekend will be spent working on finalising Ch 6 for Tsubasa. After that... shall see. I'm not sure where I want to go next. Bed before midnight? On a weekend? Weird feeling. ^_~

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