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So... for some reason the brain failed to register that it was Hallowe'en today and that, guess what! Kids come to the door! -_-; So for the first part of the evening, I was being frozen out of the house and distracted by the doorbell. ^^; And instead of being overly productive, I ended up playing one of the games I picked up for the FSU for her PSP for the evening. ^^; It's some sort of "brain trainer" program that tests simple math, memory, logic, shape recognition skills and was rather addictive. ^^; As a result, I'm only now compiling ep 20 rather than sending out a link to the editors. ^^; (I did check over things once tonight; I just made more changes). ^^;

l33t-raws put out ep 26 today on torrent, which is good. I guess I must have deleted the ep after watching Saiyaman's release because I couldn't find it earlier. ^^; (I'm a bit feather-brained still). I think I'm starting to like Tues/Wed as most of the series I'm following this season come out in Japan then. ^^; Currently on my watch list are: Saiunkoku Monogatari (obvious!), Ghost Hunt, Shounen Onmyouji, Chevalier and D-Grayman. I'm very behind on the last two though; actually I haven't watched any of that since leaving for vacation. ^^; This week's Ghost Hunt though was definitely worthwhile, and was especially fitting for Hallowe'en in the horror sense. ^o^ Shounen Onmyouji book 1 ended with this week's episode. I need to go back and peek at the second and third books to refresh my memory of the storyline there. (I read some of the books while on holidays in Japan and have already forgotten so much of the story. I'm "impressed"). ^^;

While I'm semi-interested in Death Note, the manga was very much a love-hate relationship for me and I quit reading after a while. The FSU didn't care for the anime at all, so I'm not overly keen on watching it.

And... NaNo has now started and I still have no plot in mind. >_<;; As much as I want to do it, I don't know if I have the time with all the other projects needing to be caught up on. Shall see. (What's life without a little lot of stress?)

Anyhow, it's almost 3:30. Bed. Ginny!, Ysa, and Heather, I'm hoping to send the new link tomorrow after a quick check over the changed changes. ^^;
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